Chachi Hair + Balmain Paris Hair Couture

Dear customer,

We all miss doing your hair!

During these difficult times we would love to be there for you to make you look beautiful.

However, we can still service you with the products of Balmain Paris Hair Couture so you can create your own hair-spa treatment at home.

So how does it work: if you now order your products at, we as a salon are supported by BalmainHair, as they give us our share. On top of that Balmain Hair will give you a luxurious Hair Spa Towel or limited edition cosmetic bag as a token of gratitude for your support.

The Hair Spa towel comes with the purchase of 2 care or styling products (retail sizes only).

The Limited Edition Cosmetic bag comes with the purchase of a limited edition with a professional electric tool.

Free Salon TowelFree Cosmetic Bag

All you have to do is to enter our salon promo code 9QHGETI6RC at checkout.

Together, we are one.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Kind regards,
Chachi Hair + Balmain Paris Hair Couture